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Text Box: 	Since the 1960s, most military and civilian goods, equipment, and supplies have been shipped around the world in 20 ft and 40 ft enclosed ISO shipping containers.  Grate Pallet Solutions LLC sling loadable metal deployment shelving packaging systems eliminate most blocking and bracing of ISO containers, dry freight, side opening, BICON, TRICON, and QUADCON containers.  IDPs are the solutions to standardize smaller modular unit-loads that maximize throughput and the cubic volume of containers, ships, and vehicles while minimizing the time and cost per cubic volume deployed, shipped or transported and deliver them safely and efficiently.  IDPs can be used in a wide range of applications from Predeployment to Foxhole.  Each is a reusable, long-life, shipping and storage container.  They can be loaded with both pre-packaged and loose material.  IDPs are equipped with four-way forklift entry to permit easy loading and unloading from standard ISO, side opening, BICON, TRICON, and QUADCON shipping containers, loading onto vehicles (including High-Mobility Wheeled Vehicles, Medium Tactical Vehicles ( MTV ), Assault Amphibious Vehicles), 463L pallet cargo systems, and storage or loading in warehouses and cargo holds.  Each IDP is easily assembled and capable of providing security for items placed within when locked, while permitting easy visual identification of the items.  IDPs are designed for easy loading and unloading of materials.  These pallets provide adequate ventilation to prevent entrapment of moisture or interior condensation which could cause degradation of items, packaging or labeling loaded within, especially when fully loaded.  IDPs have a hot-dipped galvanized coating for extended life.  IDPs are collapsible to permit a maximum number of each type to be stored in standard ISO, side opening container, BICON, TRICON, and QUADCON shipping containers to maximize efficiency upon return shipment.  Great Pallet Solutions LLC
1. Protecting and securing products and supplies during shipping and transportation.
2. Reducing shipments, time, and cost per cubic volume deployed, shipped, or transported. 
3. Elimination or minimizing blocking and bracing ISO containers.
4. Shelving systems in QUACON, TRICON, BICON, Side Opening, and ISO Containers
5. Organized management of assets for readiness, maintenance, sustainment, replenishment, and prepositioning of the US military, including Logistics Over-The-Shore ( LOTS ) and Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration ( RSOI ) of force projection equipment to deployed troops.
6. Saving money over the long-life use of the IDPs by increasing throughput speed and overall capacity in the reuse of the IDPs in closed loop systems.
1. Weapons
2. Wood Containers and Wood Pallets
3. Medical Supplies
4. Equipment & Maintenance (tools, tents, tires, batteries, repair parts, military motorcycles, fire safety equipment, parts trays, weapons cases, liquids, camo netting, waterproof cases, and other gear and sensitive items.  (IDPs would be great for cold storage.)

Qty (12) in 20’ ISO

Qty (2) on 463L Pallet


Text Box: 4. Unloading of Cargo Containers at Intermediate Destination – Unloading cargo container contents in minutes saves time and money with increased readiness.  IDPs provide the ability to access goods shipped in the middle or rear of a cargo container in minutes.  Upon receipt or opening of a cargo container, the      “see through” wire mesh design allows immediate identification of IDP contents instead of merely seeing enclosed wood boxes with unknown contents or wood dunnage removal costs. 

5. Storage at Intermediate or Final Destination – The IDPs become stackable secure warehouse racks eliminating the need for pallet racks and maximizing use of valuable space in theater to stage prepared supplies for continued readiness of the mission.  If cargo containers are available at the destination, they can be used to warehouse the IDPs with simple insertion and removal to access required items.

6. Movement to Final Destination – IDPs can also be used as independent smaller modular unit loads without the use of enclosed cargo containers.  External desert tan, green, or custom color waterproof covers are available accessories for the IDPs when desired.  IDPs have various sizes to snugly fit in 20 ft and 40 ft enclosed ISO cargo containers, Side-Opening, BICONs, QUADCONs, TRICONs, and are compatible for further transport by military vehicles, airlift, 463L Pallet Cargo Systems, and Container Roll-Out Platforms increasing throughput speed by intermodal delivery.  

7. Unloading at Final Destination – Upon arrival of IDPs at the final destination, those containing required supplies can be quickly identified without breaking apart wooden boxes or the use of tools.  IDPs can be accessed with minimal skill or risk of injury.  Users do not have the significant challenges of discarding expensive packaging such as wood.  Users can continue to use the IDP as a secure container on a continued basis to hold supplies and gear for transport or further contingency planning. 

8. Retrograde Shipping – One of Grate Pallet Solutions greatest money saving advantages over our competition, other than original purchase price, is the ability to store and return ship 20%-33% more Grate Pallet Solutions LLC product with the same resources.  In the collapsed configuration for return shipment or storage, 20%-33% more IDPs can be returned or stored in the same cubic volume area as our  competition in 20 ft ISO cargo containers, QUADCONs, or TRICONs, which equates to more savings to the user.  Also, it is difficult to locate quality packaging supplies in remote locations.  After supplies are utilized from the IDPs following delivery, the IDPs can now be used for return shipment of products, supplies, and other valuable gear.  IDPs have ergonomically designed components that can be collapsed with one or two individuals without the use of tools in only a few minutes, allowing people with minimal skills to disassemble packaging while reducing manpower intensive operations.  
9. Estimated Operation and Maintenance Costs - There is minimal estimated operation and maintenance costs.  Metal is repairable unlike most plastics and the galvanized coating provides years of protection.

10. Return on Investment -  Dependant on current usage. Savings could be as quick as a few turns in a closed loop system, and it only takes one bad shipment to regret the investment.  We believe all payloads are extremely sensitive and must be protected to the highest degree.  Grate Pallet Solutions LLC intermodal collapsible metal shelving containers will last for many years in normal operating environments.  If units are not in use, simply put them outside to save space.  Versatility of our containers makes them great for packaging just about any items for transport.  We like to have the opportunity to sit down with users and customers to identify savings, solutions, and value added benefits of our products.  Please call us today to set up a demonstration or presentation.

Intermodal Deployment Pallet (IDPs)

Text Box: 	Efficiencies of storage and transporting goods and supplies as a unit load can improve at all stages including: initial packaging/unitization, storage/staging prior to shipment, loading and shipping of ISO cargo containers, unloading of cargo containers at intermediate destinations, storage at intermediate or final destination, movement to final destinations, unloading at final destination, as well as retrograde shipping.  The IDPs “pay for themselves” through their reuse and savings obtained with their innovative packaging design and efficient configurations.     

1. Initial Packaging/Unitization – IDPs eliminate variables in choosing and designing packaging that is compliant with the requirements of how and where the goods will be shipped.  IDPs minimize the time of packaging designers that are challenged with protecting valuable assets or awkward loads to ensure items arrive in original condition while complying with international shipping standards.  The global challenges include reducing the transfer of destructive pests and bacteria that can be harbored in wood, while facilitating intermodal shipping or delivery.  IDPs have ergonomically designed components that can be assembled with one or two individuals without the use of tools in a few minutes, allowing people with minimal skills to assemble desired packaging while reducing manpower intensive operations.  IDPs provide standardization to the shipping process for intermodal delivery including the reduction or elimination of wood or nails, packaging with predictable sizes and tare weight, adjustable shelves to maximize available volume and footprint of the unit load, while maintaining quick identification of the IDP’s contents to ensure receipt of proper goods for the mission.
2. Storage/Staging Prior to Shipment – The IDPs become stackable warehouse racks eliminating the need for pallet racks to maximize storage space and minimize the required floor space to stage prepared supplies for readiness.  Most IDPs have pins that lock units together when stacked vertically to maximize safety.  The “see through” wire mesh exterior of the container allows the shipper to verify accurate unit load contents prior to delivery.

3. Loading and Shipping of ISO Cargo Containers –IDPs are made to dimensions that help maximize internal volume of standard cargo containers.  Maximizing internal cubic volume provides reduced container shipments and savings.  Standardizing the process of loading 20 ft and 40 ft ISO cargo containers, Side-Opening, BICONs, TRICONs, and QUADCONs is achieved with the IDPs optimal dimensions and internal adjustable shelving systems.  Reducing or eliminating dunnage during blocking and bracing of unit loads will save time and money while helping to comply with international shipment requirements.  It is difficult to bring large cargo containers into warehouses to be loaded; however, it is simple to bring the smaller IDPs into various structures for organized packing.  The IDPs allow the user to perform the vast majority of the packing process while inside a warehouse as opposed to outside on a loading dock in the weather.  After filling the IDPs, they are staged and ready for loading in an ISO cargo container when desired.  It takes minutes with a single forklift to load a cargo container, as opposed to hours with a forklift, wood, multiple people, and skilled labor on the loading dock.  Non-conforming shipments due to wood or damage in foreign ports can be costly to the users in both time and money.  IDPs provide the user with flexibility of final use of the cargo containers.  Planners have the ability to load or unload cargo containers with packed IDPs in a few minutes, allowing the user the option to quickly change mission if necessary with minimal effort.





















































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